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Call for Papers (CFP)

If you have a cool and interesting workshop with hands-on exercises and mind-blowing technical speech content, this is the opportunity for you to collectively present and get feedback from the community. We are looking for your impressive submission in the following categories below:
Topics Covered:
  • Technical Talks (45 minutes)
  • Workshops (2 Hours)
Technical Talks
Technical talks is for security researchers interested in sharing their work with other researchers and a high-level audience. We would like to invite everyone with special knowledge in breaking security in whatever area to present their skills, tools or experience.
These are exclusive classes and workshops to give the attendees hands-on training sessions that increase security awareness and provide skills that can be immediately applied after the conference. A typical workshop session is expected to last 2 hours long.
Topics of Interest for Bsides Ahmedabad(not limited to)
  • Bug Bounty
  • Web Application Hacking
  • Malware Analysis
  • Mobile Application Hacking
  • Red Teaming
  • Cloud Security
  • WLAN and Bluetooth Security
  • New Vulnerabilities and Exploits
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Hardware / IOT / ICS / SCADA Security
  • Firewall Evasion
  • Blockchain vulnerabilities
  • Burp Suite
  • Browser Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Physical security
  • Open Source Tool Release and Demo
  • CFP Guidelines
  • The speaker and presenters are advised not to submit talks about any companies or products. The event will not be able to accept workshops or speeches that only use commercial products. However, you can utilize free/evaluation version or feature in your workshops and talks.
  • The speaker and presenters must ensure that the workshops and talks are technically sound. The workshops must strongly be preferred to have more hands-on exercises.
  • Only one speaker will be eligible for the following benefits in case there are two or more speakers for a talk.

  • speaker benefits

    • 🔶 2 Night Accomodation

    • 🔶 Speaker Goodies / T-Shirts

    • 🔶 Heritage Walk

    CFP Review Panel

    Yassine Aboukir

    Hacker & Application Security Consultant

    Ebrahem Hegazy

    Senior Security Engineer at Visa

    Robert Kugler

    Senior Security Manager at Cresta

    Vandana Verma

    owasp Board of Director

    Prashant Kv

    Co-Founder - OWASP Seasides

    Sandeep Kamble

    Founder and CTO at SecureLayer7

    Abhijeth Dugginapeddi

    Security Engineering, Cyber Education, Mentor

    Event detail

    Courtyard by Marriot, Ramdev Nagar Cross Road, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) - 380015

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